21 Nov 2017
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Zindagi associates with Maitri for the #RaiseYourVoice campaign to sensitize viewers about domestic violence

MUMBAI: In an attempt to create awareness about domestic violence and give a voice to the victims. Zindagi associates with Maitri, a NGO that is committed to facilitating every individual’s Human Rights, especially the Rights to Identity, Dignity and Respect, to design a special campaign #RaiseYourVoice to encourage people to share their experiences and end domestic violence.

The channel has planned an extensive 360 degree campaign that will be on-air and on its various social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter. Strong independent women and lead protagonists from Zindagi’s slate of original programming like Karuna Pandey & Sonali Nikam will also participate in the campaign to inspire viewers to voice their opinion and support the campaign. The channel will also showcase various aspects of domestic violence to sensitize and educate viewers on this social evil.

The campaign will promote the channel’s new show Kankar which premieres on 13th April, 2016 at 9:50pm. Centered around love, life, status and society, Kankar highlights physical abuse and shows how domestic violence is not limited to the lower strata of society, but is also prevalent amongst the educated and affluent class. It showcases the need for a woman to take a stand, raise her voice and not suffer in silence and if required walk out of the situation.

Talking about this initiative, Priyanka Datta, Cluster Head – Zindagi & Zee Anmol said, “The main aim of the #RaiseYourVoice campaign is to create awareness, voice an opinion, educate people and to hopefully put an end to domestic violence. It’s time we raise our voice and not keep silent about such a rampant crime. Television, as a medium and series like Kankar can highlight and showcase how victims can survive domestic violence and serve to educate and empower victims in similar situations on how to thrive and go on to live full and successful lives. Through our association with Maitri, we hope to educate victims and advise them on preventive measures that they can take for happier and healthier lives.”

Also commenting on the association, Winnie Singh, Executive Director, Maitri NGO said, “Maitri appreciates the opportunity of this partnership with Zindagi and with the serial Kankar. It is a great platform to help us reach out and empower the victims of domestic violence to become survivors. We shall facilitate the initiative by providing the women with information about what constitutes domestic violence to give them a better understanding about their rights. Through the #RaiseYourVoice campaign, we will empower victims to be strong in their relationships by raising their voice with conviction and not just as an argument. Maitri will also be providing victims with information on existing laws to protect themselves as well as to be confident that the legal framework protects their right to life, residence and safety in the marital household. I congratulate Zindagi on taking a proactive stand on women’s rights and domestic violence. It’s the need of the hour.”

Domestic violence is one of the most heinous evils of society today; one in every three women experience domestic violence globally. In India alone, the issue of domestic violence is so rampant, that as per India’s National Crime Records Bureau, once every five minutes an incident of domestic violence is reported. In fact, as per UN Women 2011 data, every third Indian woman aged between 15 and 49 years said that she had experienced sexual or physical violence in her lifetime. Though there are laws to curb such crimes and punish the accused, most women do not talk about it in the open.

And the first step to breaking the pattern of violence is to create awareness, encourage victims to raise their voice and enable them to free themselves from the abuse.