21 Nov 2017
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Tune-in Release: A new beginning for Emir in Feriha

MUMBAI: ‘Feriha’, Zindagi’s most loved Turkish Romance is back on the No. 1 Premium entertainment channel, with a brand new season that is bound to make you fall in love all over again. The previous season which revolved around the unconditional love story of Emir and Feriha, ended with the tragic death of Feriha, which left Emir devastated.

The 1st episode of the new season begins with the introduction of Zulal (Beril Kayar) Feriha’s half-sister, who is brought home by Riza, Feriha’s father. Riza promises Zulal’s family that he will take care of her and her education. Curious about Feriha, Zulal tries to find out about Emir and Feriha’s love story from Seher her sister-in-law. Elsewhere, a devastated Emir keeps attempting to end his life by getting into dangerous situations. Emir rescues a child from a house on fire which is observed by a local inspector Can Serter (Zeynep Camci). Later Emir is taken to police station by Can for being involved in a street fight. Emir’s mother Aysun is worried about his behaviour and discusses it with his friend, Coray.

Why is Zulal fascinated by Emir and Feriha’s Love story? Will Emir be able to forget his past and move on in life? Will he and Zulal ever cross paths?

Tune in to your Feriha – New Season every Monday to Saturday at 6.00 PM on Zindagi to find out what is in store for Emir!