19 Dec 2017
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Sony Music India collaborates with Akanksha Foundation to create ‘Fight Song’

Sony Music India’s International Marketing Team came up with a unique idea, i.e. to collaborate with The Akanksha Foundation whose focus is to provide education to underprivileged children in India with “The Fight Song”. The lyrics of this track are particularly touching, as they speak of not giving up, overcoming struggles and believing in yourself to make things happen and achieve greatness in whatever small way you can, which is in total relevance to the work Akanksha does.

Featuring creative genius Rob, the video sees him through the magic of colours, paint and visual artistry transform a wall in one of Mumbai’s defunct mills, bringing to life the dreams of these 8 children, and children everywhere.  We see a pilot, an air hostess, a policeman, a doctor, a scientist, a footballer , and even a dancer and a soldier! The children helped Rob paint this wall and ask viewers by way of the video to help them realize their dreams by volunteering to teach at an Akanksha school.

Adds Rob, “Fight Song has been my inspirational song and when I was invited to create a wall art and be a part of this initiative, I totally jumped at it.  It was great working with these kids, their enthusiasm kept my spirits up throughout the day.”

People across the world are using “Fight Song” as their motivational anthem; a children’s hospital in Minnesota had used “Fight Song” on their Superhero Day, while a group raising money and awareness for cancer research created their own version of the song.

“Teachers are the drivers of a high quality education everywhere in the world. We are witness to this in our classrooms every single day while our teachers work hard to empower and support every child to achieve their full potential no matter what circumstances or background they come from. The Fight Song demonstrates our fight against all challenges and we hope to make a small difference in reforming the education system in India.” Vandana Goyal, CEO, The Akanksha Foundation

Further adding on, Arjun Sankalia- Director: International Repertoire, Sony Music India says, “One of the biggest responsibilities we, as a nation have, is to educate our children. When we heard “Fight Song” we saw an opportunity to align with Akanksha, and create a video that would raise awareness for this cause. It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked with them. We hope ‘Wall Of Dreams’ will not only move people, but actually inspire some to come forward, and volunteer.”

The video showcases the dreams of the 8 kids infused with the song and its lyrics. “Fight Song” is Rachel Platten’s debut single that released earlier this year that has inspired legions of people around the world!