19 Nov 2017
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Shahid, Alia and their chilled out Dads

Although Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor are coming together as a lead pair in a major Bollywood film for the first time, they seem to have become close friends during the filming of Shaandaar, their soon to be released film. What is remarkable is that this generation of film stars can be both, friendly and competitive at the same time. We see them supporting and praising each other’s films and box office success and bringing in birthdays together. This generation of superstars is different indeed.

Alia Bhat and Shahid Kapoor recently shot for M Bole Toh, the entertaining chat show shot exclusively for India’s biggest digital content platform, hotstar. The actors were quite frank with show host Malishka, and gave some really interesting insights into their lives, revealing things not many would know. Read on to find out some of things they revealed:

A hit or not? : When Malishka said she believed actors usually know the fate of the films they work on, Shahid was quick to refute it. He said, “I’m ready to declare on a signed legal document that no hero or heroine ever knows if a film will be a hit, but we really enjoyed working on Shaandaar, and we’re very excited about it.”

Great rapport with Dad: This is a conclusion fans of Aliya and Shahid will draw from their replies in a rapid-fire Q&A round they had with Malishka. On being asked when they smoked for the first time, Shahid replied, “I was working on Milenge Milenge and the character I was playing was of a chain smoker. One day before the shoot I lit a cigarette, because I had to enact exactly that the next day. So that’s my first memory of having a smoke.” On being asked if his father knew of this, Shahid said, simply, “Why would I hide it from him?”

Alia said, “If ever I do smoke, I won’t speak about it in front of him (father Mahesh Bhatt)!” She was quick to add that she thought “one should try everything in life but should not get habituated to it.”

On being asked if either of them ever got caught sneaking out after hours, Alia replied in one word: “Never.” Shahid said he never faced that problem. “I’ve stayed alone for almost 10 years now so, I don’t have any stress,” he explained.

On what the reaction was when the family “came to know about your girlfriend / boyfriend for the first time,” Alia said her family was “totally chilled out.” Shahid too never faced a problem. “They always knew; no issues,” he said.

On being asked if they ever got caught texting naughty stuff late at night: “They (my father and family) don’t read my texts and all… never check my phone,” Alia said. Shahid added, “They are not those type of fathers who asked us to show what’s there on our phone; they are very chilled out.”