16 Dec 2017
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Say ‘Love’ with America’s Sweethearts on Romedy NOW

MUMBAI: A story full of love and laughter for the soul and the most gorgeous Hollywood stars to feast your eyes on! This Saturday, tune-in to Romedy NOW, the exclusive English Entertainment channel and be dazzled by the starry cast of ‘America’s Sweethearts’ – this month’s ‘Romedy of the Month’ on Saturday August 23rd at 9pm only on Romedy NOW.

Starring Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, John Cusack and Billy Crystal, ‘America’s Sweethearts’ is presented by Airtel.

Not everything is so hunky dory between the most adored movie star couple Gwen Harrison (Catherine Zeta Jones) and Eddie Thomas (John Cusack). The wildly popular couple on and off screen is going through an ugly split because of Gwen’s infidelity. Caught amidst the storm is a movie publicist Lee Philips (Billy Crystal) who has to promote the latest film starring the duo. Driving him up the wall is also the oddball director Hal Weidmann (Christopher Walken) who will show the first cut of the movie only at a press junket. With the studio bosses running around like headless chicken not knowing how to get the film from the mad director, they trust Lee with the job. What follows is a maddening press junket with Lee trying to make the press believe that all is well in paradise as far as Gwen and Eddie are concerned.

While Gwen brings her beau along, her sister and personal assistant Kiki (Julia Roberts) is chosen as the mediator between her and Eddie. As the go-between, Kiki spends time with Eddie who always liked her but is now attracted to the once-plump-now-sexy girl. With Gwen trying to drive a wedge between the two and claiming that all is well between her and Eddie, what will happen to the budding romance between them?

Watch the affable Kiki come out of her famous sister’s shadows, indulge in her love story and laugh out loud at a really zany “reality movie” by Weidmann who compiles the real footage of the actors and Kiki instead!

Enjoy this helluva ride with moments of love and laughter in abundance!
‘America’s Sweethearts’ on 23rd August, 9 PM, only on Romedy NOW!