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Jodha Akbar cross swords at Zee Rishtey Awards 2014

Mumbai: Playing the role of an Emperor and a warrior in Zee TV’s historical magnum opus– Jodha Akbar, Rajat Tokas aka Jalaluddin Akbar, will be seen sword fighting with his on-screen wife –Jodha Begum (played by Paridhi Sharma) for the very first time on the stage at Zee Rishtey Awards 2014. While the two have done various stunts in the past for various sequences in the show, this was the first time that the two were performing together in front of a live audience.

To play the part of a moghul emperor, Rajat Tokas has trained in various stunts and mastered the art of sword-fighting and horse-riding amongst others. However, sword-fighting didn’t come naturally to Paridhi as she’s never been called upon to wield a sword. Improvising his stunts while rehearsing the act, Rajat was seen getting the sequence right with ease and élan while Paridhi seemed a little nervous and edgy. Rajat then took it upon him to help Paridhi get the sequence right. He ensured she was comfortable and to put her at ease, he rehearsed the entire sequence slowly, step-by-step and numerous times till Paridhi gained confidence. A few stunts being a littlecomplex, Rajat was seen sharing pointers and tricks with his co-star.

Talking about their act, Paridhi said, “ This Zee Rishtey Awards, Rajat and I are performing an act which resonates with our on-screen characters. Not limiting it to just song and dance, our act involves involves sword fighting and other stunts as well. When I first heard about the act, I was jittery, but the channel ensured that I got special trainers to help me with the sword-fighting section. The entire Zee family of actors looks forward to this annual awards night as it’s not just about our talent and efforts being recognized, but also an opportunity to interact and meet other cast members from different shows. Like every year, this time too it’s a grand affair with most of us performing one act or the other. I really hope the audiences enjoy our performance as this is the first time that I have tried something like this in a live set-up and I am quite happy with the result.”