21 Nov 2017
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fame probes what led to the Nirbhaya documentary ban

India (in fact the whole world) just can’t stop reacting to the much-argued ban on the documentary India’s Daughter. While the Nirbhaya debate rages, #fame talent Shanaya Sardesai hit the streets in Mumbai to get first-hand impression of what people feel and had to say. Their views do make for a learned and meaningful watch.

The cross section of people ranged from the young to old, working men to elderly women to college students but they all make sense. “They need to tell the people what exactly is the reason for doing so (putting a ban on the documentary)”? asks a young man. He then suggests, “The documentary should be shown in theatres so that people can see what mindset the rapist has.”

The common feeling across has been of “Don’t ban it. This is not a solution.”

Interestingly, people felt that the government has chosen to ban the documentary “because they are helpless. Do not want to take a stand and hence the easiest way out.” Some also said that there is a fear of the world coming to know of the mentality of such criminals.

An elderly person highlighted it apt saying, “The ban itself makes one curious as to what is going on?”

A young teen girl too isn’t off the mark as she opines, “They know somewhere they are faltering. And if the documentary comes on television, then people will start agitating again”!

So is that the real fear? Click on #fame’s excellent work on India Reacts to Nirbhaya Documentary Ban to see what India feels and how it is reacting on India’s Daughter. It is sure to get you thinking.