12 Dec 2017
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Even cancer couldn’t stop this fashionista #LakméSchoolofStyle

Mumbai: Being hit by the disease called cancer at the age of eighteen is frightening. But for someone like the young and beautiful Ruchi Gokhale life is all about fighting, surviving and living it up.

Who can be a better judge than someone, who has battled cancer and despite losing hair to chemotherapy, maintained a positive outlook using fashion to her advantage. Young and vivacious Ruchi Gokhale, who has lived through it yet been sprightly and good-looking — thanks to her spirit of life and her keen fashion sense.

At the age 18-year-old Ruchi battled cancer twice, when chemotherapy session lead to hair loss and made her go for the short crop (Victoria Beckham style) but eventually she felt it best to shave off her head as it was easier compared to losing hair on a day-to-day basis. She then soon decided to give wigs a try. In fact, her first wig was a gift from a friend who herself had previously battled cancer and emerged victorious. Ruchi had two unique wigs and she switched between these to get two distinct looks. Her new-hair looks won her more new friends and the way to win the world!

In one of her latest #LakméSchoolOfStyle videos on #fame, Ruchi shares her experience on how different wigs can boost one’s self confidence. Long or short, curls or straight, wigs are indeed a way to go, says she. Visiting a salon to streamline fizzy hair or blaming it on a bad hair day is passé and so is the conflict about whether to cut one’s hair short or not. Ruchi says, people somehow forget about the much easier way of trying out wigs.

From Beyonce to Lady GaGa to our very own Rajnikanth have been calling the shots with wigs, informs Ruchi and adds if you wonder how a Shakira or Jennifer Lopez or Sonakshi Sinha revel in short hair wigs just like Anushkha did in PK, go check out their wig ways of looking lovely, sexy and appealing.

So if you have straight hair but want those dangling curves or vice versa, do as Ruchi did and tells us – get over the dichotomy of life. How, can I, will I? Do the fashion mantras of wig jig, she insists.

In her other video, Ruchi provides us with her ideas of what makes for the best while living through your teenage years. So how does one deal with the teen worries? And how does one sculpt life through these years?
Simply follow the Ruchi mantras. “Just be yourself. Don’t do drugs and stay away from people with negative influence.” So is that all? Surely not.

Having rocked herself through teen years, Ruchi has bagful of tips to guide you through the “wonderful journey called life” in her own words.

Interestingly, Ruchi also says do not worry about mistakes being made. “Make mistakes”, she says it will eventually help you.