12 Dec 2017
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Doli Armaanon Ki’s Urmi addresses the women of Kanpur on their basic rights in a marriage

Mumbai: Telling the story of a young, bright-eyed, small town bride Urmi (played by actor Neha Marda) and her hopes and aspirations of living a happily married life, Zee TV’s Doli Armaanon Ki is a primetime show that has managed to strike a chord with millions of viewers in a short span of time. Having recently completed 200 episodes, the show has been showcasing Urmi’s journey of disillusionment with life after marriage, the atrocities she faces at the hands of her chauvinistic husband Samrat who not only raises his hand on her but also cheats on her with another woman. The show has reached a most interesting turning point where Urmi’s character decides that she will take no more and stands up for herself, leaves her sasuraal with her son and vows to live life on her own terms instead of staying trapped in a troubled marriage.

Delivering a potent social message and setting an example for scores of women faced with similar circumstances to follow, Zee TV has initiated a countrywide series of symposiums addressing women on the subject of their basic rights in a marriage. This is an initiative to empower them and drive in a message of hope that there exists a meaningful life beyond a bad marriage. Visiting the city of Kanpur today, actor Neha Marda was joined by a panel of experts Dr.Nutan Vohra – HOD, Aacharya Narendra Dev College, Shri Atul Agarwal – the founder of the Prerna NGO, Dr. V. N. Singh – Former HOD, DBS College & Samaj Shastri, advocate Mrs.Vartika Dave and Shivendra Pandey – Advocate of Advisory & Compromise Cases in discussing the sensitive subject and addressing a congregation of women from the Jagran Group’s Sangini Club.

Neha said, “I believe we’re delivering a very relevant and pertinent social message through our show Doli Armaanon Ki … The show has so far captured my character Urmi’s life after marriage – how she, like any other girl, enters the institution with hopes but sees them getting shattered with each passing day. Her husband Samrat, is a male chauvinist with some deeply regressive, sexist views on the man-woman relationship. After seeing most of her dreams as a wife fall apart, Urmi faces domestic abuse at the hands of Samrat. As if this weren’t bad enough, he even cheats on her with another woman. In treating domestic abuse and infidelity as absolute deal-breakers and standing up for herself, Urmi lays down a fine example for scores of women in our country trapped in bad marriages to emulate. The show is an attempt to reach out to these women and help them find their voice and lost dignity.”

In the coming days, Zee TV will conduct symposiums on women’s empowerment and their basic rights in a marriage and showcase Urmi’s case to women across the country.