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Discovery Tamil celebrates the tiger with ‘Where Tigers Rule’

MUMBAI: Tracking the tiger Discovery Tamil will shine the spotlight on the animal this month. ‘Where Tigers Rule’ is airing every night at 9 pm till 31 March 2015. The show is exploring the evolution of the tiger, its secret behaviour, why it is such a successful hunter and the way it has adapted to very different environments.

Tamil actor Siddharth has joined hands to support Discovery Tamil’s initiative and to raise awareness about the threats affecting tigers’ survival.  He will bring focus to the role that humans can play in saving these powerful beasts.

Narrating tales of wildlife in danger and stories of tiger conservation – Valmik Thapar, Alphonse Roy, Chris Morgan, Saba Douglas Hamilton, and Steve Backshall, amongst others, the show will uncover the secrets behind the elusive world of tigers.

Discovery executive VP, GM South Asia and South East Asia Rahul Johri said, ”Tigers occupy an important role in our culture and ecosystem.  Now in its third year, Discovery Tamil’s ‘Where Tigers Rule’ initiative will captivate the audience through its gripping programmes and will lend a unique perspective on the tigers’ survival.”

Siddharth said, “ ‘Where Tigers Rule’ is a unique opportunity to observe and celebrate one of India’s most charismatic creatures. This initiative will create the passion required to save tigers from extinction. Together we have the power to improve the lives of animals in our communities and in the wild.

In its previous years, the show has gained support from actor Shruti Haasan and cricketer R. Ashwin.

Episodes include the ‘Tiger Sisters of Telia’, which captures the extraordinary behaviour of four tiger sisters in the forests of Maharashtra and their unique adaptation to survive. Meanwhile ‘Hunt for the Russian Tiger’ follows filmmaker Sooyong Park who spent five years of loneliness in Russia’s Far East to get glimpses of Siberian tigers. Tireless efforts of tiger conservationists like Belinda Wright, Valmik Thapar and Raghu Chundawat, examine the latest round of tiger conservation in ‘The Battle to Save the Tiger’.

‘Return of the Tiger’ reveals an insight into the private lives of tigers as they rehabilitate in Sariska and encounter new challenges in their new home.