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Discovery Science kicks off a new season of ‘how It’s Made’

MUMBAI: Ever wondered about the various stages it takes to build the car parked in your garage? Or how a child’s favourite ride in the amusement park was made? Discovery Science is airing the show ‘How It’s Made’, a series that aims to help viewers get an insight into how everyday things are made.

The show airs every day at 8 pm.

The show features the process behind the making of common items such as jeans, aluminum foil and cereal, and less predictable ones like wax figurines, braille typewriters and pinball machines. Each episode features three products that are shown from raw material stage to the various processes that turn it into the final product, with a demonstration of each stage. The series also delves into the history behind a product, and exploring the common and sometimes essential role that they play in our daily lives.

The series looks to demystify the making of complex products such as computers, trucks and fiber optics while also familiarising viewers with what goes behind the products that we all use but rarely think about – such as paper, chocolate and gummie candy. For instance, did you know that paper is made of a paste containing 65% maple, 25% birch and 10% poplar? Or that Apple juice is primarily made of McIntosh apples during the harvest season in October?

From raw material to manufacturing of parts, to assembling all of them to make a finished product, the series educates and entertains at the same time.