21 Nov 2017
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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s promotes ‘Kitchen Yoga’ on International Yoga Day + Special recipe for Yoga Day

Mumbai: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor (Founder Director – FOODFOOD) who has been practicing yoga for many years now encouraged women to make best use of their time in the kitchen but not only preparing healthy meals for their families, but also use this time to practise yoga and other stretching exercises! He also shares some examples of what he called ‘Kitchen Yoga’ in the attached images.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor (Founder Director – FOODFOOD) who has been practising yoga for many years now says, “Yoga is a way of life and when we say we are what we eat, it is unthinkable that we isolate the two. Women spend a significant amount of their time in the kitchen preparing delicious and healthy meals for their family. They should therefore use some of this time in making their own health better. Parvatasan, Ek Padasan, Tadasana and Utkatasan are just some of the techniques which they can incorporate on a daily basis during their kitchen routines without much of a fuss for any equipment or space. Indian women spend so much time worrying about their family and hardly pay much attention to their own health. Incorporating yoga in their kitchen space is just the beginning towards ensuring their own health and well-being.”

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor (Founder Director – FOODFOOD) shares a delicious and healthy recipe of Brown Basmati Rice Vegetarian Biryani. Speaking on the recipe Chef Kapoor says, “I have prepared a Brown Basmati Rice Vegetarian Biryani which is a great combination of good carbohydrates, fibres and other such nutrients. It is a mildly spiced biryani and is a great dish to serve kids as it also incorporates ‘lauki/dudhi’ (bottle gourd) in a way that it brings out the best of its flavour.”

The recipe along with the images have been attached herewith for your further reference.

Do let me know if you would require any further information or assistance on the same. We can also share hi-resolution images if required.