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Catch Irrfan Khan talk about one of his challenging role and his newly released film ‘Talvaar’ along with Meghna Gulzar on #fame!

Mumbai: Irrfan Khan and Meghna Gulzar go candid with Famestar, Abhilasha Singh on #fame where they discuss their riveting new release ‘Talvar’. Having grabbed the attention of the country one at a time, such substantial cinema has dependably been the on-screen character’s strong point. In case you missed the interview live, here is your chance to watch the entire conversation:

Meghna and Irrfan talk about the film and its impact in a flippantly humorous style. Irrfan’s witty repartees to #fames reporter is worth a watch! With his inquisitive eye for subtle element, Irrfan took a month to get ready for his part.

Talking about taking one month to fit in his role, Irrfan Khan said, “I was shocked and surprised that there a lot of things that were not being told. Through my role, I wanted to deliver this to the audience.”

Don’t forget to tune into the interview with Meghna Gulzaar and Irrfan khan only on #fame!

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