21 Nov 2017
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Bigg Boss Nau – A volley of fights!

Mumbai: A volley of fights in the Bigg Boss Nau House!
  • Pitting friends Suyyash and Prince against each other, a ‘Friend’s Page’ task was introduced where Suyyash and Prince were required to update their status and housemates could support their preferred contestant by placing their photos next to the team they wished to support
  • The housemates could keep switching teams according to their whims and fancies and were also allowed to ask Suyyash or Prince any question they wished to
  • When Aman asked Suyyash about why he felt Aman was negative, Suyyash tried to justify himself. Aman, in return, said that he even sacrificed his safety for Kishwer by nominating himself.
  • At this point, Kishwer, who was given the role of supervising the task, hearing her name, jumped in and tried to defend her boyfriend
  • She said that Aman only nominated himself because she sacrificed her luggage and that he would come across as a bad person
  • Aman asked her to keep out of it because she was only the supervisor
  • She said she can do whatever she wants because she’s the captain of the house and if Rochelle can defend Keith, so can she!
  • This has had a ripple effect on the house with one fight leading to another