Pix to showcase 'Fast and Furious' Pixathon on 15 May

MUMBAI: English movie channel Pix will offer a ‘Fast and Furious’ Pixathon, presented by Ford, on 15 May from 11 am.

Pix gives its viewers an exclusive opportunity to experience the Fast and Furious life. The franchise films have over the years made over $3.9 billion at the box office.

The first slot starts with the first instalment of ‘The Fast and The Furious’, where Vin Diesel and his crew promise some heavy duty racing adrenaline rush. Paul Walker, initially a cop, tries to bust Vin Diesel’s street racing racket and then becomes embroiled in the sexy ‘ride or die’ world of street.

‘2Fast 2Furious’ is the 2003 sequel to ‘The Fast and The Furious’. The film has former LAPD officer Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) in Miami attempting to infiltrate a criminal ring specialising in illegal transport. Watch how the series evolved from an exciting car-chase franchise to solid action-film blockbuster.

The next film follows the life of Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) and takes a complete ‘Tokyo Drift’ as he inadvertently discovers the world of drift racing, a major phenomenon in Japan, when he challenges the ‘Drift King’, Takashi to race and lands in the debt of one of his business partners, Han Seoul-Oh, who is looking for someone outside Takashi’s influence to trust.

‘Fast and Furious’ witnesses the much spoken about brotherhood between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) who is no longer working for the FBI in LA, teams up with Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation, all this in the midst of some dangerous car racing. Dominic Toretto and his crew of street racers plan a massive heist to buy their freedom while in the sights of a powerful Brazilian drug lord and a dangerous federal agent.

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