Pix celebrates Holi with 'Madhouse Pixathon' initiative

MUMBAI: To add to the fun and frolic of Holi, English movie channel Pix will have a special programming line-up of back-to-back animated movies on 24 March from 9 am onwards.

Viewers can tune in to ‘Madhouse Pixathon’ for movies like ‘Stuart Little’, ‘Wreck It Ralph’, ‘Brave’ and ‘Bolt’.

Viewers can watch at 9 am how the Little family adopts a charming young mouse named Stuart in ‘Stuart Little’. Following down the trail is ‘Wreck-It Ralph’—the story of a video game villain trying to become a hero—at 11:00am.

This will be followed at 1:00 pm by director Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated film ‘The Adventures of Tintin’. The tale of Remy the rat will be presented in ‘Ratatouille’ at 3:30 pm, followed by ‘Brave’, a multiple award-winning entertainer at 6 pm.

The Pixathon adventure will conclude with the Academy Award-nominated story of a Super-Dog ‘Bolt’ at 8 pm.

Pix celebrates Holi