&pictures to premiere 'Madaari' on 26 March

MUMBAI: Hindi movie channel &pictures will premiere Irfan Khan-starrer ‘Madaari’ on 26 March at 9 pm.

‘Madaari’ revolves around the vengeance of an ordinary man who has lost his son due to the callousness and negligence of the system. Directed by Nishikant Kamat, it boasts of two powerful actors, Irrfan Khan and Jimmy Shergill, who battle it out and leave the audience in awe of their brilliant performances.

About the intriguing title ‘Madaari’, Khan said: “It is a metaphor built around the play of Jamura and Madaari. Till the time one is jamura, one feels powerless. One always wants to be at the controlling end of a Madaari.”

Irrfan adds, “Madaari is about addressing the angst of a common man. It challenges complacency. Most of the times we are not aware about the things around us. We just react and do not respond. We get programmed by the information that reaches through the media or other sources. We need to reflect and then respond. And hence the by-line of the film is ‘Desh So Raha Hai’. Madaari appeals to the people of every age group and I hope viewers enjoy it.”

One day, Rohan (Vishesh Bhansal), a seven-year- old son of India’s home minister (Tushar Dalvi), gets kidnapped by a mysterious man (Irrfan Khan). CBI officer Nachiket Verma (Jimmy Shergill) is appointed to head the case and find Rohan. Strangely, the kidnapper does not want any ransom, all he wants is to find out about a tragic incident which was the end result of a high level corruption act. What follows is a series of parallel stories dealing with past life of the kidnapper, his association with Rohan and a high intensity cat and mouse chase.