News18 India reaches out to viewers in UP; participates in Nauchandi Mela

New Delhi: News18 India is participating in one of the biggest fairs in our country- Nauchandi Mela to reach out to and engage with it viewers in the crucial UP market. The leading Hindi news channel has setup a screen at the Mela that will air the channel live at a high traffic location. News18 India will also be reporting live on select days from the Mela and will be covering varied experiences of the visitors to the fair.

The initiative is aimed at boosting the connect of the brand with viewers and drive on-ground engagement with strong brand visibility in UP. The Nauchandi Mela gets people from the entire Meerut city and its peripheral towns as well as visitors from UP, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand & other parts of the country. It plays host to over 50,000 to 60,000 people every day for a period of one month. Through this highly tactical on-ground campaign, News18 India will not only look to gain brand visibility but also position itself as the channel that reflects the aspirations of the Hindi speaking masses.