News18 India Presents a Special Show on the Triple Talaq Debate

MUMBAI: On 11th May, in front of a five-judge constitution bench in the Supreme Court, the hearing for the constitutional validity of the practice of triple talaq among Muslims will begin. Over a million Muslims from across India, the majority of them women, have signed a petition to end the controversial divorce practice of triple talaq. Considering the national significance of this issue, News18 India is bringing a special show to explain the nuances of this sensitive subject and throwing light on the bigger issue at play which is the one-sided nature of the triple talaq practice.

Hitherto, triple talaq has been an exclusive privilege for Muslim men. Through ‘Operation Talaq Nahi Dunga’, the channel will reveal the helplessness of Muslim women in getting a divorce and men taking advantage of this unilateral practice by turning down their demand for various reasons, but many a times, monetary ones.

One such case is of a woman who married to a man in Sudan. The former went to Sudan after 7 years of marriage where her husband locked her in a hotel room and tortured her. Eventually, the woman escaped and reached India and demanded separation. The husband refused to grant her divorce till the time she did not pay him 3 lakhs in exchange. In another case, a couple which was going through a financial turmoil after the husband quit his job and was living off his wife’s earnings. When the wife demanded a divorce, the husband rejected it.

Through this show, News18 India continues its brand of impactful journalism and giving its viewers perspective on various issues affecting our society.

Catch ‘Operation Talaq Nahi Dunga’ on 6th May at 8 PM, only on News18 India.