22 Nov 2017
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Zindagi launches two new shows, ‘Noorpur Ki Rani’ and ‘Maat’

MUMBAI: Zindagi, the latest channel offering from Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (Zeel), has two new shows lined up for this month. This is in line with its plan of new show launches every month.

Starting 13 July, the channel has launched ‘Noorpur Ki Rani’, replacing rom-com ‘Aunn Zara’ at 8.55 pm. ‘Noorpur Ki Rani’ is a story of paradoxes brought out by contrasting characters of Noorie and Princess Rania.

Orphaned at a young age, Noorie comes from an impoverished background and goes through turbulent times before her life takes a magical turn and she finds a new life in the palace. On the other hand, Princess Rania, the owner of the palace, is brought by fate to circumstances she never imagined possible.

Starting 19 July, ‘Maat’ will replace love story ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ at 8 pm. ‘Maat’ is the story of two sisters, Aiman and Saman, who are poles apart. Aiman is generous and Saman is the mean sister who always tries to snatch whatever her sister has. The story takes a turn when Saman claims her right on something that is very dear to Aiman, giving rise to twists and turns.

‘Maat’ will introduce two of Pakistan’s most talented actresses to Indian television—Aminah Sheikh and Sabah Qamar.

Zindagi was launched on 23 June, with shows from Pakistan in the first phase.