22 Nov 2017
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MUMBAI: The video revolution has hit India massively with new content emerging every minute. Since 2009, the consumption of content on internet has grown considerably, breaking the geographical lengths.

YouTube is one of the main video-on-demand platforms that have witnessed huge content consumption. Going by the data shared by Google’s regional director Asia Pacific, Ajay Vidyasagar at the FICCI Frames 2017, YouTube has seen 50–60% year-on-year reach, which is not only profitable for content creators but also for marketers.

Ajay Vidyasagar FF 2017For advertisers, YouTube is said to offer a high degree of ad viewing. Currently, YouTube delivers 93% of viewability, thus creating a taxonomy to ensure that advertisers pay when consumers choose to view an ad.

“In the past 5–6 years, we have worked on delivering marketers messages and eliminating the wastage that is typically seen in traditional media. With the help of strong research, we have proved that YouTube delivers 93% of viewability. If you are a YouTube user, then you have an option of skipping an ad. If you don’t skip ad, then you are accounted into the 93%. There is nearly 30–40% of forced advertising that traditional media person tends to push,” he stated.

The second big value proposition that YouTube claims to bring to advertisers is the power of audibility. The audibility score for YouTube sits at 95%. If consumers do not skip ads, they are included in the audibility score.

“Our research has shown that, when the power of sound, sight and motion come together, the advertising works for the consumer. And if the consumer is watching or listening the ad, then it’s accountable and the advertiser gets payed. When advertisers put ads on a platform like YouTube, they eliminate the wastage,” he states.

By the end of 2016, YouTube has registered around 400 million of people who consume content every day. There is an almost 50% growth compared to the 2015 data, which registered 350 million audience with 33% coming from rural market.

“India has seen a tremendous growth in content consumption. At the end of 2009, 69 million people came to the internet and the bulk views came from the eight metros. There is a huge shift in the number by the end of 2015, as the 350 million people came to the internet and 33% views were registered from rural markets. We would have never predicted these results, but the market is booming,” he said.

According to Vidyasagar, 400 hours of video content are getting uploaded every minute on YouTube from around the world. The key people who influence the content consumption on the internet are SEC AB audience and nine out of 10 SEC AB audiences come to YouTube every day, registering around 19–20 minutes of content consumption.

“YouTube is a uniquely differentiated platform of content and the major growth of YouTube is fuelled by geographic spread and demographic length. PSY, Lily Singh, Malala and several others have become popular not only in their homelands but also across the world. Four years back, we took an internal goal of taking YouTube to a point where we could say we had billion views a day. We hit this number last year during Christmas. The video revolution is happening as we see 60% year-on-year growth of content consumption on YouTube. With India becoming a mobile-first country, the consumption is further increasing,” he concluded.

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