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V Resorts acquihires Techafaqs

MUMBAI: New-age travel solutions company V Resorts has acquihired Techafaqs!, a part of Banyan Netfaqs, the company that runs advertising-focused website afaqs!.

Acquihiring, which involves buying out a company primarily for the skills and expertise of its staff rather than for its products or services, has gained momentum in India.

The Techafaqs deal will help V Resorts to independently meet its technology needs in house. A fully equipped technology stack has enabled the company to consolidate its web applications, including all the internal systems.

The company recreated its website in tandem with customer feedback and internet trends. Techafaqs set up the internal IVR with call centre, again a move that reduced V Resort’s dependence on any outside vendor.

The company believes that the future of the business is about delivering great customer experience at minimum costs. With fully functional Property Information System (PIS), it has been able to centralise information of properties from across India.

V Resorts founder and CEO Aditi Balbir said, “The best course for businesses is to maximise technology to improve customer experience. An efficient economy is one in which markets deliver quality service to customers with lower costs. Technology equips one to achieve this. In the past few months, we have been able to work together to enable easier search and discovery for customers, and maximise technology to improve customer experience. With acquihiring deals, we want to strengthen our team and innovate our technology in best possible manner.”

The tech arm has also created a unique booking engine. This enables the customer not only to book rooms in resorts but also plan their whole holiday experience. It is a novel concept where a company is able to consolidate all its tech requirements at one place giving users full choice and control.