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Turkish TV drama exports pegged at $200 mn a year

MUMBAI: Turkish TV drama exports are now estimated to be worth around $200 million annually.

The Turkish television industry is the second-fastest growing in the world. With a population of more than 76 million, Turkey has a strong domestic market for TV content. Its output covers all genres including drama, feature films, documentaries and animation.

Said Istanbul Chamber of Commerce president İbrahim Caglar, “The Turkish television industry ranks as the second-fastest growing in the world.”

In recent years, Turkey has become a fresh source for adaptable formats. At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it also acts as valuable production hub, offering quality technical infrastructure.

Turkey is the ‘Country of Honour’ at the upcoming television trade event Mipcom 2015. A screening of ‘Kosem The Empress/Magnificent Century’ will be shown during the Mipcom 2015 International Drama Series screenings.

Produced by Tims Productions and distributed by Global Agency, “Magnificent Century” has become a top-rated show in the international marketplace. The Ottoman Empire costume drama series symbolises how Turkish TV output has broken onto the international stage.

“As the Country of Honour, we would like to share this dynamism at Mipcom 2015, which provides a global showcase for Turkey to advertise its treasures to the world,” said Caglar.

Organised by Reed Midem, Mipcom 2015 will take place in Cannes from 5-8 October.