20 Nov 2017
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Star China’s production ‘Infinite Challenge’ to premiere on CCTV-1

MUMBAI: Starry Productions’ unique version of ‘Infinite Challenge’, a format from MBC in Korea, will premiere on 22 November at 8 pm on CCTV-1.

The new hybrid format show is a situational concept, different from the European and US entertainment competition formats which are currently airing in China.

Star China Media deputy GM Iris Xia said, “Star China is very excited and pleased to produce ‘Infinite Challenge’ for CCTV-1, with the cooperation of our Korean colleagues from MBC. This new kind of formatted program is a great experiment for Star China, which is already known for producing several hit formats, including The Voice of China, the top rated show for 13 weeks straight this fall.”

The MBC Korean team lent a total of 60 people to be involved in the production of China’s ‘Infinite Challenge’, including cameramen, script writers, lighting team and post-production. The ratio of the Chinese-Korean production staff is 1:1.

‘Infinite Challenge’ director Chen Di said, “Several aspects, from the format to production, have been amended and upgraded – China’s version is almost a brand new show. The Chinese version differs from the Korean show in that it only partially adapts the concept and a few segments of the original show.”

Di was personally involved in the productions of other Star China formats like ‘China’s Got Talent’ and ‘The Voice of China’.

In the Chinese version of ‘Infinite Challenge’, the inspirations and creativity for the challenges will also come from social issues, integrating social values and significance into entertainment.

When Infinite Challenge China revealed its cast (Sa Beining and Hua Shao), actors (Ruan Jingtian and Sha Yi), psychologist (Le Jia) and comedian (Yue Yunpeng), people were surprised as these celebrities were not the normal cast choices of most current reality TV shows. There is a major difference between Korea and China hosts for formats. Superstars are absent from most Korean formats, and China mainly uses only top celebrities, the Chinese production team follows Korea’s model for ‘Infinite Challenge’.

In the upper right corner of the logo of ‘Infinite Challenge’, there is a question mark which represents the situation in the show; the celebrities never know what their next challenges will bring. Many of the challenges are small issues that we often encounter in our daily life and will be designed as missions for the six MCs to complete. None of them will ever know what their next mission will be.

Di defines it as a “situational reality show,” as there will be one situation set up and everyone will be part of that situation. How to react and behave is a matter of personal choice.