22 Nov 2017
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MUMBAI: As the police continued a new round of interrogations on Thursday, the Sheena Bora murder case just got dirtier. A third person emerged and will be questioned to establish the motive behind the murder.

Indrani-peter-mukherjee“Sheena Bora was strangulated in a car. Then, the body was set on fire,” Mumbai Police commissioner Rakesh Maria said in a late night press conference.

How had Sheena resigned from her job when she was murdered? It seems Indrani Mukerjea, the wife of former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea and the prime accused in the case, had got a third person to forge the signature of her daughter’s resignation letter to the company she worked for.

Sheena worked as an assistant manager in the Human Resource department of Reliance ADAG’s Mumbai Metro One office.

Meanwhile, Peter told Times Now that even Sheena had told him that she was Indrani’s daughter and not sister. But Indrani flatly refused that Sheena was her sister.

“Rahul had also told me the exact same thing, but I chose to believe my wife,” Peter told the news channel.

Earlier, he had told television channels that his son Rahul had mentioned about Sheena being Indrani’s daughter and not sister, but he had not believed him.

On Thursday, police questioned Peter’s son Rahul Mukerjea, Sheena’s brother Mikhail Bora and Indrani Mukerjea’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna.

What Rahul Mukerjea told the police

In Mumbai, Rahul, who was in a relationship with Sheena, was grilled by the police. According to Times Now, police posed 14 questions to Rahul ranging from his relationship with Sheena to what efforts he made to find Sheena’s whereabouts and whether he had a tiff with Peter and Indrani over his relationship with Sheena.

rahul-sheena1During the interrogation, Rahul said that he was introduced to Sheena during a party. He also said that Sheena confided in him, although much later, that Indrani was her mother. He also revealed that Indrani was against their meeting each other. He had confrontations with his father Peter over the relationship.

He also confirmed that he was in a relationship with Sheena for six years and even lived together with her in a flat in Bandra.

When quizzed why he never bothered to try to find out where Sheena was, Rahul said that he tried very hard to find out about her whereabouts but had no luck. He also expressed ignorance when asked whether he thought Indrani had murdered Sheena.

He also disclosed that Indrani told him Sheena had gone to study abroad when he inquired her about Sheena’s whereabouts. “I don’t know whoever it may be, but he should be punished for the murder of Sheena,” he said when asked whether he knew anything about Sheena’s murderers.

Mikhail quizzed

Away from Mumbai, Indrani’s son from her first marriage Mikhail was questioned by the police in Guwahati. According to CNN-IBN, Mikhail has shared proof against Sheena and Indrani with the police.

Earlier in the morning, Mikhail, who stays with his grandparents, said: “If police comes to our house here, I’ll cooperate with them in all possible ways to bring out the truth about my sister’s murder.”

He also claimed that he has “kept all the evidence like photographs and conversations and shall give those to the police if they want”.

“What the actual motive for killing Sheena is only Indrani knows. Other people can only assume. Sheena is my elder sister and I want justice,” Mikhail said.

“I do not know. I may be the next target of my mother. She is very powerful. She can do anything she wants,” he told the media.

“I can go to Mumbai only if the Assam government ensures that two nurses take care of my (ailing) grandparents. They are both in their 80s and suffer from dementia,” he said.

Sanjeev Khanna

Meanwhile, a Kolkata court on Thursday granted a five-day remand to the Mumbai Police for Sanjeev Khanna after rejecting his bail plea. Khanna is a co-accused in the murder case.

Earlier on Wednesday, Khanna was arrested by a team of Mumbai Police in Kolkata. Prior to his arrest, he was questioned for an hour. He was taken to Alipore police station and was kept in custody for the whole night. He was produced before Alipore court on Thursday.

“Sanjeev Khanna reportedly told the police that he was inside the car in which Sheena was murdered, but did not confess to the killing. This was confirmed by public prosecutor Shorin Ghaushal,” CNN-IBN reported.

Talking to The Times of India, Khanna, who runs a wireless communication business and has not remarried, said that he had met Indrani in 1990, a few months after she had moved to Kolkata.

“She was doing a computer course and lived as a paying guest. We dated for a while and decided to get married in 1993,” he told the daily.

According to Khanna, the marriage ceremony was a small one with hardly anyone from Indrani’s side of the family. He also said that he never got to meet anyone in her family except Indrani’s father and that too just once.

Indrani’s parents were opposed to her marriage with Khanna, which compelled her to sever all ties with them.

He also recalled that Indrani used to carry an old photograph of a little girl and a boy with her at all times. He was in the dark about Indrani’s two children until this matter came to light with Sheena’s murder.

“This was just after we got married. When I asked her who they were, she told me that they were her brother and sister. I would try and encourage her to mend things with her family but she would refuse to keep in touch,” he stated.

Indrani fell out with Khanna after she moved to Mumbai with the HR placement agency she founded in 2001. “She always wanted to make it big and I never stopped her,” said Khanna, who has a daughter called Vidhie from his marriage with Indrani.

According to the report, Vidhie was nine years old when Indrani tied the knot with Peter. Later, Peter adopted Vidhie and she took on the Mukerjea surname. She is studying at the University of Bristol and is expected to move to London this September.

The driver’s side of the story

The driver Shyam Rai has apparently told the police that the murder was pre-planned.

According to CNN-IBN, Indrani went for a reccee on 23 April 2012 along with Rai in Gagode village near Khopli Pen road in Mumbai where she planned to dump Sheena’s body after killing her. She then gave a call to her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna.

Next day, she booked a room in Worli’s Hill Top hotel. Khanna arrived in Mumbai from Kolkata.

On 24 April, Indrani and Khanna picked up Sheena from National College near Linking Road. Sheena was then strangled to death and her body put in a bag.

The Sheena murder case became known when Indrani was arrested on Tuesday by the Khar police for her alleged role in the murder. Indrani was arrested after her driver and partner in crime Shyam Manohar Rai spilled the beans about the chilling murder case before the police.

Rai was arrested on 21 August in connection with an illegal arms case. However, during interrogation, he confessed to several other crimes including the murder of Sheena.

Indrani and Rai, along with another accomplice, had murdered Sheena and dumped her body near a farmhouse in Raigad. Indrani, believed to be the mastermind behind the plot, allegedly murdered Sheena as she was unhappy with her relationship with Rahul, her husband Peter’s son from an earlier marriage.

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