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MUMBAI: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president and International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman Shashank Manohar has expressed displeasure over the council’s new governance structure that gives more power and revenue to Australia, England and India.

Without mincing words, Manohar said that the ICC cannot be bullied by three countries. His predecessor N Srinivasan had brought about changes in the ICC structure under which all the powers are vested with the Executive Committee (ExCo) and Financial & Commercial Affairs Committee (F&CA) dominated by these three boards.

Shashank_Vyankatesh_Manohar“I don’t agree with the three major countries bullying the ICC. That’s my personal view, because as I have always said, an institution is bigger than individuals. You cannot guarantee which individual will occupy the top position in either of these countries. And, the ICC constitution, as it stands today, says that in all the major committees of the ICC, these three countries will be automatically there. So all the financial and commercial aspects and the executive committee will be controlled by the representatives of these three countries which according to me is wrong,” Manohar told The Hindu.

Manohar did not give a straight answer when asked whether he will roll back the changes made to the ICC structure. He said, “I don’t agree with that in principle. I am talking about myself. I don’t know what will happen in the future.”

Although the BCCI is a big beneficiary of the current ICC structure getting as much as 22 per cent of the revenue, Manohar is not too enthused about it. Reducing the corpus of weaker boards will only hamper their development, which, in turn, will have a cascading effect on global cricket, he stated.

“I don’t agree with the revenue-sharing formula, because it’s nice to say that India [BCCI] will get 22 per cent of the total revenue of the ICC, but you cannot make the poor poorer and the rich richer, only because you have the clout. The ICC runs cricket throughout the world,” Manohar explained.

“Secondly, there is another angle to it which nobody has thought of. India generates money because the other countries come and play in India. If you do not have a fierce competition, the broadcasters are not going to pay you and the sponsors are not going to sponsor your events,” he continued.

Stating that the ICC should be run by the best man irrespective of his nationality, Manohar clarified that “there is a conflict now at the ICC level also which I have to sort out”.

He also said that the clause that requires a chairman to continue only until he is the representative of his country will result in chaos.

ICC, he said, should be led by a person who does not represent his country, as that will result in a conflict of interest. Earlier, the ICC president was required to resign from all positions in his home board.

The ICC chairman said that he has spoken to England Cricket Board (ECB) chairman Giles Clarke, who agreed with him.

Manohar also wants the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), which has become powerless as the payments are made directly to different boards, to stay in order to look after the development in Asia.