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Reliance MediaWorks partners with Starz Network for ‘Black Sails’

MUMBAI: Media and techno-creative solutions provider Reliance MediaWorks has associated with American satellite television network Starz Network for the first season of its TV series ‘Black Sails’.

Set in 1715 during the golden age of piracy, the episodic TV series focuses on the story of the feared Captain Flint who brings on a younger crew member as they fight for survival on New Providence Island. To effectively present the plot, Reliance MediaWorks’ artists recreated several authentic pirate ships and ocean going environments that helped flesh out Captain Flint’s adventurous journey.

The pirate period drama produced by Michael Bay boasts of its high quality visual effects work. As part of the association, Reliance MediaWorks’ artists recreated several pirate ships and ocean going environments that helped flesh out Captain Flint’s adventurous journey.

Academy Award Winning VFX supervisor and chief creative officer of Reliance MediaWorks George Murphy led the VFX team.

Murphy said, “Starting with partially built ship sets staged on a parking lot, we created computer generated sail and hull extensions, and then put those into digitally simulated ocean environments. For these split shots, extensive paint and rotoscopy was required to integrate all of the computer generated elements into the layers of masts, sails and rigging of the live action boat elements. We are proud of the work we contributed to help flesh out Black Sails world into a much larger reality than was possible to shoot practically shot in front of camera.”

Apart from that, they also generated scenes of ships at sea and in battle that was fully computer generated, sky dome photography and digital matte painting work to create the final framing.

Starz Network senior VFX supervisor of Black Sails Erik Henry said, “One of our key collaborators in Season 1 was Reliance MediaWorks based out of Burbank, California. They shared my sense that this was going to be a special show right from the start. George and the rest of his team at RMW understood the challenges at hand and took no shortcuts in its delivery. From texture and lighting to compositing they were tireless in their effort.”