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MUMBAI: Maker Studios, a US multichannel Network that is owned by Disney, enjoys 11 billion video views, 650 million subscribers, and an international audience of 70 per cent. 60 per cent of them are in the age group of 13-34 years.

Video consumption is driven by millennials, who watch three times more online video than non-millennials. Europe is host to 125 million of them—or 1/4 of the population. They spend between 1 and 8 hours a day using media.

Maker Studios made a presentation and had a discussion at Mip Digital Screenings. Millennials watch snackable content: short-form online video is consumed by 62 per cent, whereas traditional long-form is only consumed by 38 per cent of them. They feel they’re two times more likely to relate to digital content.

Maker Studios international president Rene Rechtman said, “It’s insane if you start looking at the influence our talent has who pointed to the old days of the ‘net, when search engine marketing and pay-per-click were developed. It was all about efficiencies. What’s happening now, with creative people, is they’re creating passion points. That creates such a power that is beyond belief”.

The discussion also included Maker studios talent Iman Crosson, aka Alphacat; Kate Albrecht of Mr. Kate and Bart Baker. Baker noted that on new media, content needs to be short. “Nobody has attention spans anymore. Stuff that does well needs to be short … people get bored in like, 2,5 minutes unless something crazy happens. So we always include a twist so things don’t fall off.”

Rechtman made the point that 87 per cent of Netflix’s mobile viewing sessions are under 10 minutes. Baker’s content gets viewed most of the time on the mobile. “I think everything is constantly on-the-go. Kids are viewing content on their phone, they’re running into people on the street because they’re on Vine and Snapchat constantly. Snapchat is the most engaged platform, people are just obsessed with it. And everything’s short-form. I can’t even tell you the last person I talked to between 14-24 who sat down and watched a 30 minute programme.”

Albrecht noted that trust is key for talent to succeed. “I’m only as valuable as the trust that I have for my audience. As soon as I do something inauthentic to me, my brand or them, I could lose them. That’s how you navigate this world where brands are throwing money at you to integrate into your content.”