21 Nov 2017
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MUMBAI: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is the cynosure of all eyes, taking centre stage in news channel debates and on other platforms. The party also seems to have drawn many media professionals and social activists to become its crusaders in its fight against corruption. The latest executive to jump the bandwagon is KV Sridhar, the chief creative officer at Leo Burnett India and subcontinent.

Known as ‘ad guru’, Sridhar recently joined AAP through a common online registration site. He aims to utilise his communication skills to bring about a change and support the party in every way he can. However, he is firm that he does not want to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as an AAP candidate.

Speaking to TelevisionPost.com, Sridhar, who’s fondly called ‘Pops’ among media circles, states, “I have no agenda or role yet and I will try to help the party in whatever way I can. It’s our country and we have some duty towards it. I am not inclined to contest the elections but I can help communicate well with people.”

The party has recently seen the inclusion of media executives like Sameer Nair who joined in October 2013, Ashutosh who was formally inducted on 11 January, apart from Manish Sisodia, who recently took charge as the Education Minister of Delhi, and journalists Rakhi Birla and Shazia Ilmi.

While this move brings out a new trend in the party, Sridhar’s connection with the party goes back to the Anna movement. The ad veteran was a strong supporter of Anna Hazare’s movement for the Jan Lokpal Bill and feels that joining AAP is just an extension of the support he provided to Anna Hazare.

In his heyday, Sridhar was very actively involved in debates and elocutions, and one of his favourite hobbies was social commentary. Thus, this did not feel like joining a political party at all, as there was not much hullabaloo about media professionals joining the party.

He mentions, “Other political parties scare me because of the way they are and the kind of politics they play. They have no sensitivity to anything and are so arrogant. They think they can do anything as we saw with the recent incident in UP. Here, there are people who listen to me and vice versa, which helps in better functioning.”

However, the Aam Aadmi Party has been involved in many controversies with questions being raised about Arvind Kejriwal and their offices being attacked in several locations across India. But Sridhar states that since the party does not have any political background, it should be given a chance to clean the system, as AAP aims to curb all the unpleasant incidents happening in the country.

The debate over AAP and politics can continue, but it will be an interesting turn of events to see what roles these media professionals attain during the Lok Sabha elections this year. It is yet to be known if their image and ideologies will expedite the party’s success, but they sure will make a few heads turn.