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MUMBAI: US infotainment broadcaster History has ordered its latest scripted miniseries ‘Sons of Liberty’ from A+E Studios and Stephen David Entertainment (The Men Who Built America, The World Wars).

The six-part miniseries, starting production this summer, follows a defiant and radical group of young men – Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Joseph Warren – as they band together in secrecy to change the course of history and make America a nation.

The cast includes Ben Barnes as Sam Adams, a natural born leader with charisma and a penchant for mischief; Ryan Eggoldas Joseph Warren, a doctor and man of conscience and integrity; Michael Raymond James as Paul Revere, a veteran who wholeheartedly joins forces with Sam Adams; and Rafe Spall (Prometheus, Life of Pi) as John Hancock, the wealthiest man in Boston at the time.

Calling themselves the ‘Sons of Liberty’, they light the spark that ignited a revolution. Though their names have become American legend, this group of young rebels didn’t start off as noble patriots in powdered wigs. They were a new American generation of young men from varied backgrounds, struggling to find purpose in their lives. They were looking for equality, but they found something greater: Independence.

History executive VP, GM Dirk Hoogstra said, “From the Boston Tea Party to the Declaration of Independence, ‘Sons Of Liberty’ will tell the rebellious story of America’s greatest fight for freedom. History continues its commitment to bring viewers historical drama based on real events that have shaped our past, while capturing the spirit of the time. Adams, Hancock and Revere are famous names in our history books, and ‘Sons Of Liberty’ will bring their stories to life.”