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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is Yahoo’s global football ambassador for 2014

MUMBAI: With less than 100 days to go for the soccer World Cup, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has partnered with Internet major Yahoo! as its Global Football Ambassador for 2014.

Winner of two Uefa Champions League titles and seven domestic league titles in four different countries, the self-proclaimed “Special One” will share his views and insights on the Premier League, World Cup and more.

In his introductory Tumblr post, Mourinho wrote, “The reason I have chosen to partner with Yahoo is simple. I want to connect with millions of football fans around the globe, and teaming up with Yahoo as well as Tumblr lets me reach a huge audience from Brazil to the US to the UK – whether they are in front of their computers or on their smartphones or tablets. I only associate with the best, and this is both an exciting and prestigious opportunity.

“So what can you expect to see from me over the next year? I plan to bring my unique commentary and passionate point-of-view, some new insight into my own daily world through photos and video — and have a lot of fun at the same time! Football is a way of life for millions of fans across Yahoo and they’re always looking for something different. I want my editorial coverage and analysis to bring a new edge to football news and debates.

To kick things off, Mourinho offered his thoughts on a variety of topics in a video interview with Yahoo. He says the Champions League is better than the World Cup at a footballing level, but the World Cup can’t be matched in emotion and social importance.

“The World Cups in my opinion are more about the emotion, the social side of it. I think culturally, socially I think maybe it’s the number one phenomenon in the world, the world stops for a month because of the World Cup and many, many times it’s not because of the quality of the football, most of the time it is because of the emotion. If you travel like I did sometimes during the World Cup, if you travel you clearly know that in this country, this country is in the World Cup and that country is not in the World Cup. You arrive in the airport, you walk in the street five minutes and you know immediately – I am in Germany, they are in the World Cup. I am in Austria, they are not in the World Cup. You feel, you immediately feel because socially it is amazing.”