17 Dec 2017
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Bomanbridge Media sells multiple wildlife and nature titles to broadcasters in Asia

MUMBAI: Singapore-based Bomanbridge Media has announced deals for several of its wildlife and nature programmes in Asia. It has signed deals for the titles in South Korea, Thailand and Brunei.

The deals are with Radio Television Brunei for ‘Turf War and Animal Atlas’, EBS South Korea for ‘Shark Junction’, OBS Korea for ‘Year in the Wild’, ‘Cheetahs of the Deep’, ‘Venom Islands’ and ‘Tribes’ (4 X 60), and Thai Public Broadcasting for ‘Animal Atlas’.

Bomanbridge Media CEO Sonia Fleck said, “Wildlife and nature programming are tremendously popular all over Asia and Bomanbridge Media’s catalogue holds hundreds of hours of premium content in these genres. We are pleased to continually support these factual slots and are happy to see the shows remain audience favourites.”

‘Animal Atlas’ is an entertaining and educational half-hour wildlife programme shot exclusively in HD. The show introduces viewers to every kind of animal, including apes and giant lizards, sharks and tigers, and all other animals from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and everywhere in between.

‘Cheetahs of the Deep’ presents the HD Short-finned pilot whales which are known as the ‘Cheetahs of the Deep’ for their ability to dive at high speed to hundreds of metres in search of prey. This film documents the lives of these highly sociable mammals and reveals a complex social behaviour which is unique to this species.

‘Shark Junction’ is a documentary that highlights the interaction between man and shark, seeking to eradicate the wide-spread misconception that the latter is merely an evil devourer of man.

‘Tribes’ is a format that pays a visit to Bogoria to see life with the Pokot tribe, a society marked by so-called ‘age groups’. Viewers travel to Ethiopia in Loiyangalani to meet the tribes of El Molo and Turkana, go crocodile hunting with the el Molo tribe and visit tribes in Kenya and Marala.

‘Turf War’ showcases Zambia’s Luangwa valley which is the setting for a dramatic standoff between lions and hippos as they struggle to survive through the dry season. Forced to share a rapidly disappearing river, both species turn on each other in a desperate fight over territory.

Meanwhile, ‘Venom Islands’ travels to the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia which are home to the Komodo dragon which kills prey with its lethal venom. But there are a number of other, lesser-known inhabitants that are even more toxic, making these islands one of the most dangerous places on earth.