16 Dec 2017
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BBC making a show on Great Barrier Reef

MUMBAI: BBC has commissioned Atlantic Productions to produce a new series, ‘David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef’, presented by Attenborough.

Consisting of three episodes, the series will use camera technology and draw on the latest research to investigate Australia’s famous reef in new ways – including using satellite scanning to show the 2,300 km expanse of living coral, and revolutionary macro lenses that will capture the reef’s tiniest, normally unseen, life-forms.

Combined with Attenborough’s storytelling on location and trademark engagement with wildlife, this series will provide an authored insight into a global treasure, and uncover the history and secrets of this richly bio-diverse landmark.

Attenborough first filmed on the Great Barrier Reef for Zoo Quest in 1957, and has retained a passionate interest in its diverse wildlife and its unique status as the world’s largest living organism. Using the combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative filming techniques and ground-breaking new research, Attenborough will show the full complexity of this “rainforest of the ocean”.

Attenborough said, “People say to me, ‘what was the most magical thing you ever saw in your life?’…and I always say without a word of exaggeration, ‘the first time I was lucky enough to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef’. As I entered the water I remember suddenly seeing these amazing multi-coloured species living in communities… just astounding and unforgettable beauty. So I’m very excited to be returning to the reef with all the latest technology and science to see one of the most important places on the planet in a whole new way.”

BBC One controller Charlotte Moore said, “With the combination of David Attenborough’s personal connection with the reef, his masterful storytelling and the very latest cutting edge technology, viewers will see the Great Barrier Reef as we’ve never seen it before – a really exciting visual treat for BBC One.”

Atlantic Productions CEO, producer Anthony Geffen said, “David said that the Great Barrier Reef was the place he most wanted to return to. I’m so pleased that we will be going there for this, our tenth project together. Great Barrier Reef continues to build on the storytelling techniques and unique technologies that we have been developing during our partnership over the last six years. We will be using the latest scientific research and capturing the Reef using super-high speed cameras, new macro lenses, time-lapse and many other techniques to reveal and visualise the Reef in completely new ways.”