15 Dec 2017
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Ahmedabad tops IPL popularity list among urban Indians: Ipsos

MUMBAI: More than seven in ten (71%) urban Indians polled are enthused about the Indian Premier League (IPL), according to a new study by global market research company Ipsos.

Most buoyant audiences are from Ahmedabad (90%). With Gujarat Lions debuting this IPL, their enthusiasm is very high.

Mumbaikars are in second spot (88%). Chennai is next (72%), followed by Delhi (64%), Kolkata (69%), Bangalore (66%), Hyderabad (52%), and Lucknow (69%).

IPLHowever, a significant number of respondents are either going to watch the IPL in bits and pieces. Overall, this is 14%. In Delhi, it is 23%, Kolkata 22%, Lucknow 20%, Bangalore 18%. There are some who will give the IPL a complete miss (overall 4% and Bangalore 10%.

“Allure of cricket transcends Indian cities, age groups, and strata. The pace of IPL and format of the game has appealed to the sensibilities of urban Indians to a great degree,” says Ipsos India MD Amit Adarkar.

Ipsos IPL survey was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs team in April 2016 among 1028 Indian respondents across eight cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Ahmedabad.

Overall, 41% of respondents said that world class players in mixed teams was what they liked the most about the game. 32% liked the format of the T20 game. For 21% respondents, it is watching these players live in stadium that takes the cake. 17% respondents polled are taken in by all the fun, colour, music, celebration and cheer leaders that glamorise this event; 12% respondents love this event but are undecided about what makes this event so appealing to them; and 5% like all elements of the IPL.

IPsosAdarkar feels that this event is like one big jamboree for cricket lovers. “In its 9th season now, the IPL has captured mind space widely; everything else other than the IPL gets a short shrift, much to the chagrin of many. But marketers, movie producers, TV channels have reconciled and learnt to postpone some of their mega launches and events to avoided clashing with the popular cricket event (IPL).”

So where does India watch the IPL matches? An overwhelming 84% of respondents polled said that they would be watching the IPL at home. 19% respondents plan to watch most matches of the IPL at home but with their gang of friends; 10% respondents said that they would be watching the game of the IPL in the stadium; 2% would be watching in a Sports Bar or a restaurant with friends; and 1% said that they would be catching the game online, on their laptops or desktops.

The survey further probed whether cricket is the binding factor across communities in India. Overall, 82% respondents replied in the affirmative. Majority of respondents polled were in agreement and echoed the same view. Mumbai had 93% of the respondents saying that cricket unites people; Ahmedabad had 89%; Bangalore 87%; Lucknow 87%; Kolkata 85%; Chennai 82%; Delhi 69%; and Hyderabad 61%.