MTV urges Indians to #GiveLoversSomeSpace

MUMBAI: Indians sure don’t like lovers cozying up in public places! But what options are they left with otherwise? How do young couples avoid the prying eyes and intolerance towards their public display of affection? MTV, the universe of the young has taken up the onus this Valentine’s day to give lovers the much-needed space they crave for through their campaign #GiveLoversSomeSpace. With a quirky take on the topic, the brand has read between the lines and created a fun video for the day of love. This slice of life campaign showcases couples getting intimate in places rather unimaginable like gunny sacks, swimming pool and the clichéd good ol’ all- mighty tree, playing the ideal Bollywood wingman since forever. This is not the first time MTV has given us some fodder for thought. The campaign rightly supports the idea of letting people and their significant others find some space for themselves because they deserve better than that. Why give hapless Indian lovers a tough time? Let’s just give them some space instead!