Movies Now to showcase 'Fight for Freedom' property on I-Day

MUMBAI: Movies Now is all set to showcase the best of Hollywood in a special ‘Fight for Freedom’ property, which will showcase movies that inspire the feeling of freedom and the struggle one has to go through to claim it. The movie marathon will air on 15 August from 1-9 pm.

The movies scheduled for the day include inspiring tales of freedom struggle, with titles like: ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ and ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.

‘Pacific Rim’ is an intense war drama between humans and monsters and the responsibility has fallen upon a former pilot and a trainee, who are desperately trying to save the world from the apocalypse. The film was nominated for the ‘Best Special Visual Effects’ at the BAFTA Film Awards, 2014.

The next movie on the binge is ‘300: Rise of an Empire’. It’s a tale of courage, where an admiral of Athens leads the pack of just 300 brave men who stand up against the vast Persian army that is marching to conquer Greece. The movie was nominated for several awards at the Golden Trailer Awards, 2014, including the one for ‘Best Fantasy Adventure’.