MIB issues show-cause notice to MSOs, threatens licence cancellation for not submitting STB seeding data

MUMBAI: The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting ( MIB) has issued a show-cause notice to multi-system operators (MSOs) who have failed to provide details of set-top boxes (STBs) seeded by them in digital addressable system (DAS) Phase III and IV areas.

The ministry has asked these MSOs to explain why their registrations should not be revoked for failing to feed STB seeding data in the management information software (MIS).

The MSOs will have to submit their replies within 15 days, failing which their registrations will be cancelled.

The MIB has chided the MSOs for having not entered the seeding data even six months after the expiry of the MSO licence.

The ministry had on 12 June requested all MSOs to submit the details of their headend, subscriber management system (SMS), mandatory TV channels being carried and area-wise STB seeding data in MIS. It had also threatened to terminate the registrations of MSOs who fail to provide these details.

“You have failed to furnish the above said details within the stipulated time frame. So why not your MSO registration be terminated/cancelled?” the ministry has asked the MSOs.

“You are therefore directed to submit the written reply within 15 days from the receipt of this show cause notice. lf your reply is not received within the stipulated time, it will be presumed that you have nothing to say in the matter your MSO registration may be cancelled,” it added.

Rule 10A of Cable TV Rules states that every MSO and local cable operator (LCO) will be bound to give such information as may be sought for by the central or state government or any agency authorised by the central government or the authorised officer, as the case may be, within such period and in such form as may be specified by such government or agency or officer.

In January, the ministry had informed that all registered MSOs are free to operate in any part of registered or specific DAS-notified areas.

Further, they were asked to submit the details of headend, SMS, subscribers list and a self-certificate that they are carrying all the mandatory TV channels within six months from the date of issuance of MSO registration to the MIB failing which the MSO registration is liable to be terminated/cancelled.

Subsequently, the ministry had informed that all valid provisional registrations unless cancelled/suspended are to be treated as deemed regular registration for a period of 10 years from the date of issuance of respective provisional registration.