21 Nov 2017
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WPP launches ‘Buzz Index’ to help boost cinema advertising

MUMBAI: WPP’s unit Interactive Television has launched ‘Buzz index’, a revolutionary buzz measuring tool for helping advertisers to make informed decisions for cinema advertising.

With the launch of Buzz Index, Interactive Television is looking to challenge this status quo.

Buzz Index is a measuring tool that identifies, captures and quantifies the Buzz around a particular film across all social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, boards, forums, news websites, aggregator, YouTube etc. which are true enablers for an unbiased evaluation of Bollywood and arrives at a unique buzz score.

The Buzz Index of a specific film is based on four identifiers – Positive Conversation Index, Star Cast Buzz, Positive Views and Unique Authors.

Methodology: Buzz Index arrives at a benchmark score once the model for the index is run through Interactive’s Movie Buzz Database (2015 and updated yearly). All new releases will automatically be compared to the indexed number of 100, which is the average score or the Gold Standard for all films, primarily films that have done more than Rs 100 crore at the box office.

A film’s Buzz Index will be calculated regularly – (Week 1) 31 days before the film release, (Week-2) 24 days before the film release, (Week-3) 17 days before the Movie release and (Week-4) 10 days prior to the release.

Interactive Television CEO Ajay Mehta said, “We at Interactive also want to change the way cinema advertising is bought and sold in the country. Currently, cinema advertising peaks around 10-12 blockbuster movies and in the absence of any measure of a film’s buzz, advertisers miss out on movies which are being talked about by their consumers. Buzz Index aims to change that so that even a small movie which is creating buzz and has a possibility of opening well should come up on the radar of the advertiser. With the launch of the Buzz Index , we want to make cinema advertising data driven rather than based on subjectivities. We aim to broad base the number of movies which can attract advertisers.

“The two biggest impediments to the growth of cinema advertising is monitoring and measurement. Buzz Index is our second initiative in this direction after CAM and we will be launching a lot more such initiatives in the near future to ensure that cinema advertising is transparent and accountable by being data driven and tech enabled.”

It is common knowledge that audience preferences, pre-release affinity towards certain actors and films and consumption of digital data under the guise of “fandom” are very perceptive and honest indicators of a film’s future. If campaigns can be tailor made to align perfectly with a film, it is a much stronger advertising message; one that does not fall victim to over exposure or force fit.