14 Dec 2017
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Love, hate fuels Virat Kohli’s fire in new Adidas campaign

MUMBAI: Global sports brand Adidas has launched its latest campaign #FeelLoveUseHate featuring Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli.

A fiery persona on the field and a youth icon off it, Kohli has always been a polarising figure. On the one hand, ardent fans adore his every move and shot. On the other, critics and naysayers never cease to point fingers at him. Kohli embraces them both.

The love that he receives helps him soar, while the hatred he inspires challenges him and propels him into greatness. This is the core idea that the film has been crafted around. It delves into the duality that is part of Kohli’s life.

The film showcases Kohli’s unwavering grit that allows him to stay calm in the presence of this storm of emotions and concentrate on what matters most—his game. He uses the love and hate that comes his way and turns them into his fuel. With him at its centre, the campaign celebrates the binary of love and hate, an athlete’s most powerful catalysts.

The #FeelLoveUseHate campaign celebrates Kohli’s unabashed flamboyance and passion for the game. The use of special effects makes it even more gripping and cutting-edge.

The campaign is being launched on digital media today in the midst of the ongoing T20 World Cup. It will be supported across social media by Kohli and the Adidas cricket handles along with a roster of athletes including Kevin Pietersen, Chris Gayle, Rohit Sharma and Unmukt Chand.

“As the world’s best sports brand, our aim is to encourage all athletes to define their own path, no matter if the world is at their feet or suddenly at their throat. In this film, through Virat, we aim to showcase how great players rise above the adulation and criticism they incite. It encapsulates Adidas’ vision of inspiring performers to lead their own game and use love and hate to give it their best,” said Adidas India senior marketing director Damyant Singh.

Kohli said, “Adidas understands sports and athletes like no one else and has a unique perspective on the game. Through this film, they showcase the mental toughness required to be a professional athlete in today’s world and how I personally thrive off the love and hate I receive to drive my performance on the field.”