Listicle: Apps that will help Men to show how much they love their ladies this Woman's Day

MUMBAI: You don’t need a Valentines Day, Anniversaries or a Birthday to shower your significant other with gifts and love. Love can be both materialistic and non-materialistic in nature, so here is a list of things you could do to say ‘I Love You’ to her.

Women, just like men, love their movie dates. How about making it extra special and host a screening of her favorite movie? It could be a classic romantic movie to the a movie that hasn’t event released in India for just the two of you or a fun movie date for her with her gang of girls. Well, don’t stand there scratching your head, get on Vkaao and make this the most special movie date.

Women love the simple small things men do for them. Everybody always remembers the first song they danced too or heard when they fell in love. Well nothing says love more that a special playlist of all the songs she and you love. All you need to do is get create a list on Saavn and to make it better, gift her with the latest Muve Acoustics speakers to hear the lovely songs and dance the night away.

Women and constantly working, be it at home or at their office and even both. These multi-tasking superwomen need the rest and pampering they deserve. Men, get Myles, rent a swanky car and whisk her away to a Trivago approved destination closest to you. A drive down the highway to a beach side or hill resort is sure to get you some brownie points with her.

Women are infamous for their shopping skills. Going shopping is like going to war. Well, why don’t you save her that trouble and surprise her with an entirely new outfit. There is a lot of pressure to find the right look so turn to the trusted Voonik to help sort that out.

A day at the Spa is what most women would love but for most it seems like a fantasy to actually get down to booking an appointment and going for it. Well, now with Urban Clap just book a Spa day at home. What more do you need that having the luxury of a spa right under your roof.

Commitment is the biggest form of expressing love, and every couple have things they own together. Well, if you’re looking at taking your urban relationship to the next level, HDFC RED is the place you need to go to. Why you ask? Well nothing screams I want to live with you like taking the first step to buying your own apartment.

So MEN, get out your phones and start planning how to love your women some more.