Life Lessons from Salman Khan and Kris from Roll No. 21

MUMBAI: School was a long bumpy ride; we have fought with bullies, eaten snacks secretly in the class, studied for hours before an exam trying to cram all that stressful knowledge into our minds just to get good grades and faced so many obstacles through it all. But the journey was fun, and we got to learn so much.

Your favourite Cartoon Network heartthrob/hero, Kris, along with his Bollywood actor friend, Salman Khan, brings to you some life hacks you could use in times of despair! Trust us, these could come in real handy!

They offer a simple solution to all your problems, one that would make you pull up your socks and say, ‘Tubelight time!’ All you got to do is to decide, which one of your “Tubelight’’ would you want to switch on! Catch more of their adventures on Friday, 16th June 2017, at 1.00PM on Cartoon Network as they get together for a super entertaining episode.

Here are some of their hacks:

  1. Exams can be super stressful, but you need to stay calm, turn on the Tubelight of Concentration and focus and study hard, vacations are just a few exams away!
  2. Stand up for yourself, especially when faced by your bullies, turn on the Tubelight of Strength and dare to stay strong! Show them who’s boss!
  3. Running out of stamina, competition too strong in a game of sports? Turn on the Tubelight of Fitnessand compete like never before! A gold medal would look lovely on you!
  4. Afraid of something; darkness or scary things? Turn on your Tubelight of Courage and brave it all!
  5. When you have nothing to do or you’re feeling extremely bored; call up some friends, invite them over and throw a party. Turn on your Tubelight of Joy and fun and have an exciting time! Nothing like a good old party to turn your frown upside down!