Hinduja Ventures appoints Ashok Mansukhani as MD for two years

MUMBAI: Hinduja Ventures Ltd (HVL) has appointed Ashok Mansukhani as the managing director of the company for two years from 30 April 2018 to 29 April 2020. Mansukhani completes his existing term as whole-time director on 29 April.

HVL is the parent company of cable TV and headend in the sky (HITS) operator IndusInd Media and Communications Ltd (IMCL). The company also owns and operates cable channels.

The appointment was effected at the meeting of the board of directors today. Mansukhani was appointed as the MD and CEO of Hinduja Media Group in February 2017 following Tony D’Silva’s exit.

Mansukhani is a postgraduate from Delhi University who completed his Masters in English Literature from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University and his LLB from KC Law College, Bombay University.

After a distinguished career in central government as an Indian Revenue Service Officer for 22 years, he joined the Hinduja Group in 1996 and has handled various senior responsibilities in the Group, in media and corporate sphere.

Mansukhani has been the past president of the Multi System Operator Alliance (MSO Alliance), which has morphed into All India Digital Cable Federation (AIDCF). He regularly takes part in international and national media conferences.

He brings many years of well-rounded administrative, practical and business knowledge of Indian media and corporate finance and taxation to the industry.

Mansukhani is also a director in IMCL, Grant Investrade, Planet E-Shop Holdings India and In Entertainment India.

With the aim of creating value in the media business, IMCL has been engaged in a focused restructuring exercise. As part of this exercise, the broadband business and the fibre optic network have been sold and transferred to other companies and complete focus is being put on the CATV and HITS business.

This, the company believes, will create long-term stakeholder value.

IMCL continues to make inroads into the rural areas of India through its HITS platform. IMCL also claims to be the only Digital Platform Operator (DPO) to cover all 29 States and four Union Territories due to penetration in last 12 months utilising NXT Digital HITS platform.

NXT Digital copes are active in 1068 pin codes with signals transmitted to 1394 pin codes in 888 distinctive locations.

The company feels that there is scope for deployment for DPO to an additional 30 million homes in the rural universe of 99 million homes. Another 20 million homes await power to households and will begin to watch television in next 3 years.

IMCL also said that it has converted 95% of its subscriber base to pre-paid mode through the Local Cable Operator (LCO). The balance 5% homes are being rapidly converted to pre-paid in the coming weeks.