14 Dec 2017
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EA Sports to release FIFA 15 on 23 September

MUMBAI: With Fifa World Cup coming to its last leg, video game maker EA Sports has announced the release date of its upcoming game ‘FIFA 15’.

The much talked-about edition will release on 23 September for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

EA_sports-footballThe game is packed with new features that include ‘Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Dynamic Match Presentation’ and ‘Team Tactics’.

FIFA 15 senior producer Nick Channon said that the game will bring a whole new level of visuals including realistic players and fully realised arenas with living pitches. It will feature kit animations that will create grass and mud stains each time the player does a tackle.

EA Sports has put in efforts to capture and incorporate feelings expressed by athletes and spectators in the game. It will have crowds chanting and cheering during the play. Moreover, there are more player details.

In the trailer, the players appear more realistic as details like shifting of hair, breathing, etc. are also added.

The ‘Emotional Intelligence’ feature comes with over 600 new emotional reactions. Players will respond to big moments on the pitch as they would in real life. Each player has an attitude or feeling towards every teammate and opponent on the pitch. Bad tackles, missed chances and crucial goals—all 22 players will react naturally based on what happens during the match.

The commentators will relay the story of the game with ‘Dynamic Match Presentation’ to make the gameplay feel more immersive.

The ‘Team Tactics’ component will equip the opponents with advanced AI, so that they can adjust their strategies based on what is happening in the game, making it more challenging.

With the ‘Authentic Player Visuals’, virtual players will look better and more athletic than ever and move realistically with the environment and get dirty as the match progresses on mud and grass.

FIFA 15 will also have animated LED ad boards, moving corner flags and shaking goal frames after powerful strikes.

The ‘Living Pitch’ feature will ensure that the pitch wears down with 90 minutes of play, just like what happens with an authentic soccer field.

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