13 Dec 2017
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36% Indians predict Brazil to win 2014 Fifa World Cup: Ipsos study

MUMBAI: A plurality of Indians (36 per cent) expect host country Brazil to be victorious in the final game of the 2014 Fifa World Cup, according to a new online study by global research firm Ipsos.

Considerably fewer Indians predict the Fifa World Cup winner will be Germany (10 per cent), Argentina (8 per cent), Spain (7 per cent), Italy (4 per cent), US and Australia (both three per cent). At two per cent are England, Portugal, Russia, Belgium and France. Mexico, South Korea, Croatia, Switzerland, Colombia and Japan are all at one per cent.

As for the runner-up, Indians chose Brazil (13 per cent), Spain (12 per cent), Germany (12 per cent), Argentina (10 per cent), France (6 per cent), Italy (6 per cent), England (4 per cent), Portugal (3 per cent) and Australia (3 per cent). US, Belgium, Mexico and Chile are at two per cent, and Uruguay, Netherlands, Colombia, Japan, Russia and South Korea are at one per cent.

Ipsos India head of marketing communications Biswarup Banerjee said, “Football fever has gripped India with the 2014 Fifa World Cup soccer event underway in Brazil. The Ipsos study indicates that more than 65 per cent Indians have heard the buzz around the global mega sporting event.”

A large majority (78 per cent) of global respondents have heard at least something about the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, with 46 per cent indicating they have heard something—‘a great deal’ (22 per cent), ‘a fair amount’ (24 per cent) compared to 54 per cent who have not heard much or anything—‘a little bit’ (32 per cent) and ‘not heard anything at all’ (22 per cent).

Those from Brazil (69 per cent), the host country, are most likely to say they have heard ‘a great deal’, followed by those from Mexico (53 per cent), Argentina (44 per cent), Indonesia (43 per cent), Belgium (34 per cent), Saudi Arabia (32 per cent), France (30 per cent) and India (29 per cent).

One quarter or fewer are aware of the games from these countries: South Africa (26 per cent), South Korea (23 per cent), China (21 per cent), Spain (19 per cent), Poland (17 per cent), Turkey (17 per cent), Italy (15 per cent), Japan (15 per cent), Great Britain (13 per cent), Egypt (12 per cent), Germany (9 per cent), Romania (8 per cent), the US (7 per cent), Hungary (seven per cent), Australia (6 per cent), Sweden (6 per cent), Canada (6 per cent) and Russia (5 per cent).

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