Firstpost ‘decodes’ Elections 2017 with the most comprehensive digital coverage

National:  Firstpost, India’s largest and premier digital platform for news, analysis and opinion, is bringing the most in-depth and comprehensive digital coverage for Elections 2017, as results of polling in five key states, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur, are announced on 11 March. With the theme ‘Decode 2017’, the digital platform is taking a deep dive into the five poll-bound states with live minute-by-minute coverage on ground, online polls, social media trends, and updates through live blogs and newsroom discussions.

Firstpost is the only digital platform to offer readers such immersive coverage of Elections 2017. The digital platform’s counting day schedule includes:

Live blogs:  A network of roving reporters file multimedia stories from campaign trails, polling centers, critical constituencies and remote villages through live blogs that are published from 8 am through the day till the announcement of the results. The live blogs also features running commentary by a panel of political observers and leading policy experts at critical junctures throughout the elections.

Video: The month-long coverage will culminate with a live, 6-hour video broadcast featuring a panel of experts decoding the election results from Firstpost’s Delhi studio. The panel of experts includes names such as Shankar Ayyar, Aakar Patel, Badari Narayan, Tufail Ahmad, Ajay Singh and several other respected commentators.  These panelists will be joined by political observers from outdoor locations in Lucknow, Goa, Amritsar, Imphal, and the Firstpost newsroom in Mumbai. The panel will examine issues critical to each state, with special emphasis on UP, the effects of demonetisation on national politics, the Muslim voter, and policy matters critical to each state and the nation at large.

Commenting on Firstpost’s coverage for Elections 2017, BV Rao, Editor Firstpost said, “Taking a cue from our successful coverage of the US elections last year, our coverage for the five key Indian states that are going to polls in 2017 is equally engaging and insightful, if not more. In a digital age where information is consumed on the go, we have all the bases covered through live blogs, social media trends, minute by minute updates, and roping in the country’s best political experts to decode a breakthrough election phase in the aftermath of demonetization. We hope to set another benchmark in live digital news reporting through ‘Decode 2017’, our focal idea for Elections 2017.”

Firstpost’s coverage also covers a series of data visualizations, created in partnership with Vizbi, a tech startup from Hyderabad – which include search analyses, sentiment analyses, poll surveys, swing constituency analyses, and more.