Decoding Dynasty Politics with Vir Sanghvi on Virtuosity

MUMBAI: The existence of a strong family system in India reflects across several fields such as politics, Bollywood and more and the significance of the institution of the family in India can never be underestimated. Dynastic politics was always a major part of the nation’s politics and it’s furthermore growing to a greater extent.

This week on Virtuosity—Stories From the News, Vir Sanghvi focusses on the family politics prevalent in India with the Yadav family battle in Uttar Pradesh that seems to have turned uglier right ahead of the state assembly elections. Vir digs in to the history of dynasty politics as he speaks to Columnist & Author Tavleen Singh, British Writer & Historian Patrick French, Biju Janata Dal MP Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo & Author Sunita Aron in an attempt to find out why India votes for dynasty and how much damage does it cause to our nation.

Catch the full conversation this Saturday at 10:00PM with repeats on Sunday at 10:30AM and 7:30PM, only on CNN-News18.