Big Magic launches dedicated afternoon time band

MUMBAI: BIG Magic, a variety entertainment channel has introduced an exclusive afternoon time-band with the launch of four shows, dedicated for matinee viewership. The channel, after executing a thorough market research on the viewership pattern, is now engaging viewers with shows such as ‘Kareena Kareena’, ‘Hudd Kar Di’, ‘Hum Sab Baraati’ and ‘Gudgudee’ from Zee Channel’s library. Starting from 20th March, these popular shows of yesteryear based on light-hearted content are being telecast between 1pm – 3pm, Mon-Fri on BIG Magic Channel, thus positioning the afternoon time-band as Nostalgia Band.

BIG Magic, in sync with its positioning as a variety entertainment channel, has been introducing segments and shows ranging from Comedy, Family entertainment, Fiction and Mythological genres. The exclusive segment with an innovative content strategy of bringing back the golden era that is remembered by the audience, has been formulated after a detailed analysis of the afternoon time-band. ‘Kareena Kareena’, a show with a comic twist, airs at 1pm, followed by family entertainment show ‘Hudd Kar Di’. Viewers are further engaged with a lineup of ‘Hum Sab Baraati’, yet another comedy series, and ‘Gudgudee’, a light-hearted family entertainment show. Each episode of 30 minutes long has been introduced with an objective of leveraging the highest viewership trends of 1pm – 3pm slot.

Fortifying the brand’s image as a channel that caters to a wide array of audience with innovative and qualitative content, this launch is a unique move in the television industry. Speaking about the new development, a spokesperson from BIG Magic said, “BIG Magic caters to audience across age groups and demographics with its fresh content and innovative show formats. We have drawn insights on the untapped potential of the afternoon time-band through an intricate market analysis and thus introduced these four new shows from Zee Channel’s archive. Our objective is to diversify our offerings for our viewers while adding more value to our brand. We look forward to reaching out to a wider set of audience while engaging then with appealing formats.”

With the introduction of these four popular shows, the channel is reviving the nostalgia associated with the golden era of 2000s in the minds of the viewers. It has also tapped onto the trend of entertaining and engaging viewers with fresh content from the past and optimizing its reach.