Award Bells for ABP News’s Ghanti Bajao campaign in association with Netcore Solutions

MUMBAI: ABP News Network’s viral Ghanti Bajao – A Missed Call for the Change campaign by Netcore, India’s leading marketing technology company redefining digital marketing and enterprise communication has won Silver for the category ‘Mobile Advertising Excellence in Integrated Campaign’ at MOBEXX 2017 and a category award ‘Best Engagement through Mobile Marketing’ at Drivers of Digital 2017 Awards.

Through the campaign, ABP News wanted to encourage the citizens of the country to share their opinion and participate in critical social issues which impact daily lives. The campaign has created a huge impact on people and government bodies. So far, over 90 lakh missed calls have been received with 38 lakh unique participants.

With an aim to drive engagement in a realistic and seamless and live manner, as part of the campaign strategy, Netcore Solutions assisted ABP News team to acquire a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) to avoid the commonality of using the 1800 toll-free number, which acts as an impediment to credible and personal connect with the viewers.

Participants who gave missed calls received an SMS with a URL where they could share videos and opinions on a societal issue. Selected videos were then streamed in the next episode. The popularity of the show’s content therefore could be gauged in real time basis by analyzing the number of missed calls received.

The show which was based on the principles of promoting participatory governance gave a unique opportunity to the citizens to contribute in the national development on daily basis against once in every election cycle. The campaign also resulted in earning the show higher ratings.

Mr. Avinash Pandey, COO, ABP News Network says – ‘Innovation has always been the core of our programming at ABP News. It’s for the first time that a news channel has reached out to the common public through missed calls. This engagement has helped us to successfully create a huge impact among our viewers which is evident from the numbers of missed calls received and the appreciation garnered from Government.’

Milind Khandekar, Managing Editor, ABP News says, “In the era of information overload, spurred by digital consumption and influence, especially social media, news channels have the responsibility to not just empower citizens with unbiased information but also engage and involve them in solving larger societal issues. Ghanti Bajao is an honest attempt to make bilateral conversation with our viewers wherein the viewer’s perspective will answer the questions raised. Netcore Solutions stepped up to the challenge and recommended to use its interactive missed call service to bring forth people’s perspective of a story by directly engaging with them. The campaign drove engagement in a realistic, seamless and live manner with the citizens with huge impact among government bodies too. This is what we call immersive and engaging journalism that impacts life, and the award is a testimony to what technology can do to make a cause more engaging to masses.”

Kalpit Jain, CEO, Netcore Solutions says, “In the times of dwindling attention span, engaging consumer has become both difficult and critical. News content today is being consumed on various platforms and devices; often simultaneously. Thus, the challenge was to use technology that is engaging, bi-directional in its approach, has ease of use and a mass reach. Using a VMN based technology to drive the campaign helped ABP to measure engagement levels on real time basis, and offered consumers (viewers) with the opportunity to play a role in solving a societal issue. We are delighted that we were chosen by ABP News as technology partners to build a brilliant campaign that used technology to touch the hearts of millions of Indians.”

In addition to the fact that many of the videos and issues became viral on social platforms, the ABP team put forward these issues to the next level and regular updates about the action taken by the Government and relevant stakeholders were also covered in the show. As a result, an ABP News reporter was appointed as a court commissioner by the High Court of Delhi to uncover the truth behind the cleanliness situation in Delhi.