FremantleMedia acquires global rights to ‘Supermarket Sweep’

MUMBAI: Television format creator and distributor FremantleMedia has acquired the global format rights to the shopping gameshow 'Supermarket Sweep'. The format, which was created by producer Al Howard in 1965, was a global sensation and was adapted in 13 territories internationally.

'Supermarket Sweep' sees players step inside a very special supermarket for a fast paced and energetic game show, where three teams of two battle it out using their shopping skills and knowledge of merchandise to win big cash prizes.

Players must answer pop culture questions and solve puzzles based on the products and merchandise found in the supermarkets around the world. With shelves stacked with excitement, jam-packed with jeopardy and loaded with laughter, contestants go wild in the aisles as they must shop smarter and faster than their rivals.

The show culminates in an all-or-nothing trolley dash, where the successful team has to beat the clock and hunt down items hidden among the supermarket aisles and shelves.

Fremantle Media Executive VP, global acquisitions and development Vasha Wallace said, 'The time is ripe to bring back this all-time favourite gameshow which has travelled with such success over the years. Now, modern technology allows us the opportunity to update the show, making it relevant for a 21st century audience. It is a great addition to this year's Mipcom slate and given the interest we've had already we're confident that everyone will be as excited for its return as we are."

FremantleMedia will also be launching a diverse mix of formats at this week's entertainment content market Mipcom 2017 in France such as 'The Recording Studio' (recently commissioned by BBC One), which follows ordinary people as they record the most important song of their life; 'The Artisan', where six talented artisans with unique professions set out to find the perfect apprentice to keep their craft alive; 'The Golden Brain', the primetime entertainment gameshow where celebrity duos compete in a battle armed with only their brains; Your Song, which celebrates real people who have done something extraordinary, awarding them with a surprise performance from their favourite music superstar; 'The Noise', the hilarious gameshow where contestants must complete seemingly easy challenges without making a sound and 'Restart', the transformational format which sets out to help people reverse the damage caused by unhealthy lifestyles.