AIDCF urges members to put backend in place for handling a la carte offering in new TRAI regime

MUMBAI: The All India Digital Cable Federation (AIDCF), the apex body of digital multi-system operators (MSOs), has urged all its members to gear up to meet the requirement under the new regulation and prepare their backend to handle dynamic offerings such as à la carte channels.

While the broadcasters and MSOs are free to form their own bouquets, the ultimate ‘right to choose’ of the end consumer will happen when they are given the ability to choose channels à la carte, the federation said.

The federation has made this plea to ensure that the MSOs streamline their services so that the end consumer does not face any hiccup when the new regime kicks in on 1 September.

The AIDCF said that the members of the apex body are fully committed to migrating to the new tariff and interconnection regime.

It said that the new tariff regime will bring in more transparency and fuel growth by regulating the broadcast distribution system. It will also help in creating a more synergetic environment unlike the current unfettered one and will give the end consumer the freedom to choose what they want to watch, and provide safeguard to ensure that the channels are being offered with fair trade margin, thus harmonizing the entire eco-system.

The federation also welcomed the Supreme Court judgment as it will be an ideal scenario if all the legal procedures are put to rest before the new regime kicks in. This way there will be no ambiguity and the application of the new regime will be smooth and seamless.

The SC has stayed TRAI’s tariff order and regulation until the Madras High Court decides on Star India’s petition challenging TRAI’s jurisdiction to frame these regulations.

T-S-Panesar-insideAIDCF president TS Panesar said, “We are happy to note that the Honourable Supreme Court has requested the Honourable Madras High Court to hear this matter on a daily basis beginning 12th June 2017 and come out with the judgement in 30 days. This does not affect the September 1 implementation deadline, and we are hopeful that it will be implemented on time.”

Earlier, AIDCF members had published their carriage RIO and channel capacity to comply with TRAI regulations.